Faith & Tech: Digital Quiet Time

Can Your Phone Enrich Your Quiet Time?

Definitely! We would like to show you how. In our 4 hour FREE* class you will learn to use your smart phone to:

  • Read Your Bible
  • Journal Your Thoughts
  • Track Prayer Requests
  • Memorize Bible Verses
  • Share the Gospel

So if you are ready to use your phone for more than playing video games, host a class today!

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How can technology empower your personal quiet time?

As believers, we want to strengthen our relationship with God through personal time with Him. So daily we read the Bible, journal what we learn, pray for our loved ones, praise Him for His provision, and memorize His Word in order to grow deeper and closer to the Creator of all things. In these intimate times we rarely invite technology into it, since we tend to see it as a distraction. However, can technology empower your personal quiet time? We believe it can, and we want to show you how to use it well!

Your smart phone has the power to encourage more Bible memorization, improve note taking, deepen prayer life, and even motivate daily evangelism. With the right training, your daily walk with Jesus could be even richer than before.

We want to teach a FREE Digital Quiet Time class at your church!

In our four hour class, we will walk students through an interactive quiet time and teach them invaluable phone apps that can enrich their Bible learning experience. Here are a few things students will learn:

  • Bible reading using the ESV Bible app.
  • Note taking and journaling using the Evernote app.
  • Tracking prayer requests via the Echo Prayer app.
  • Bible verse memorization using the Cram flashcard app.
  • Evangelism using the Two Ways to Live app.

Would you like to host this free class at your church?

If your church meets the requirements listed below, we would love to teach this class for FREE at your church. Just fill out the form above, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What is required to host this class?

  • You must be an Evangelical Protestant church and agree with our Statement of Faith.
  • You must have adequate classroom space and WiFi able to support the size of the class.
  • If your church is outside Southern California, we would need you to:
    • Subsidize transportation cost for 2 adults and a child
    • Provide housing for 2 adults and a child

We also ask that you would allow us to share our ministry, Missional Digerati, with the class during the last 15 minutes. A preview of the content is available upon request.

What is Faith and Tech?

Faith and Tech is a training course consisting of guided instruction and hands-on activities to equip believers to use current technology in their daily walk with Jesus Christ. All of these classes are free for qualified churches.

Who is Missional Digerati?

Missional Digerati is a Christian non-profit mobile and web app development team dedicated to leveraging technology for the purpose of delivering the Gospel to every nation. If you would like more, please visit