Seven Nine Online

Image from the Project: Seven Nine Online
Image from the Project: Seven Nine Online
Image from the Project: Seven Nine Online

Project Details

The 79 Online website is a digital library of the best Christian mission resources to help point believers towards entire people groups who do not have an opportunity to hear the Word of God. Providing video, audio, and text resources, 79 Online has developed a one stop shop for free digital mission focused tools. It is a virtual stockpile of mission resources at your fingertips.

Key Features

  • Multiple Languages Available - The website is currently translated in English, Portuguese, and Russian with plans to translate into many other language.
  • A Wide Array of Resources - Designed for every type of learner. Resources are available as video, audio, PowerPoint Presentations, Word, and PDF documents.
  • Absolutely Free - All the digital resources are free!


Center for Mission Mobilization

Center for Mission Mobilization is a ministry dedicated to engaging, equiping, and connecting believers worldwide to complete the Great Commission.  They invite and inspire believers to share in God's passion to see all peoples of every nation worshiping and glorifying His name.  Empower them with the knowledge and wisdom to understand the complexity of world evangelization while training them to thrive in a lifetime of ministry.  They also guide believers to the right information, people, and opportunities where they can maximize their life in bringing glory to God in all nations.

  • Status:
  • Languages: CSS HTML Javascript PHP
  • Libraries: Expression¬†Engine JQuery