Team Builder

Image from the Project: Team Builder
Image from the Project: Team Builder
Image from the Project: Team Builder

Project Details

Team Builder is a web based application we use internally to easily manage communication with our amazing support team. Our goal was to simplify the ministry support raising process by providing tools to collect contact information, track donations, manage tasks, and keep all points of communication in a single place.  We are now working on ways to make the tool easy to install, and use in your ministry.

Key Features

  • Access to Key Information - Team Builder provides ministries with quick access to key information about their support base. From one window users can view points of communication, recent donations, and progress in developing a lifelong partnership.
  • Donation Tracking - Easily track incoming donations, and quickly view totals received this year and lifetime.
  • Task Manager - Keeping up to date with tasks could not be easier.  Simply apply the task to an individual, and you will be notified when the task must be completed.


Missional Digerati

This is an internal project we developed to aid in our ministry efforts.

  • Status:
    Under Development
  • Languages: CSS HTML Javascript Ruby Ruby on Rails
  • Libraries: JQuery Rails