Video Translation Platform

Image from the Project: Video Translation Platform
Image from the Project: Video Translation Platform
Image from the Project: Video Translation Platform

Project Details

The Video Translation API was originally created for the Unfolding Word translation platform.  Unfolding Word is an open project attempting to develop a visual mini Bible in every language. The video translation API is powered by online crowd sourcing, employing over 2.26 billion internet users worldwide to translation these mini Bible stories. Crowdsourcing provides a unique way for any person around the world to help in the translation. These individuals will simply upload their audio files to a website, and the API will process and piece together a translated version of the video.  This project consists of two parts:

  • The Video Translation API - A web based API that handles attaching the audio files to the video that is being translated.
  • The Web Interface - A web based interface that provides tools for creating translations, and uploading your audio files.  This web interface sends all the necessary data to the Video Translation API.

To learn more about the Unfolding Word project, please visit the Distant Shores Media Blog.

Key Features

  • Powered by Crowdsourcing - Employing up to 2.26 billion internet users worldwide in the translation of visual Bible stories.
  • Translating the Visual Story - Over 3 billion hours of video are consumed per month on Youtube. These video services have made video the dominant technology for distributing the Bible in every language around the globe.
  • API Powered - Application programming interfaces, or APIs, provide a vehicle for sharing the video translation process across multiple applications. With one video translation service running, you can power your Android App, iPhone App, and website in one central place.


Distant Shores Media

Distant Shores Media is a ministry focused on helping the global church to grow in maturity as disciples of Christ. They do this in a number of ways, including discipleship resource development, leadership training, technical training, providing consulting services, and infrastructure development. One of their main resources, the Unfolding Word project, which strives to develop a visual, audio, and text based mini-Bible in every language.

  • Status:
    Under Development
  • Languages: CSS HTML Javascript PHP
  • Libraries: CakePHP API¬†Development