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Discover New Ways to Redeem Technology

We seek to redeem technology for kingdom work by building web and mobile based applications that aid missions organizations and churches in evangelism and strengthening existing believers in their personal walks with the Lord. Please visit the ''Projects'' page to see a representative sample of our work.

If you take just a moment to look around, you will notice that we are living in a technology saturated world. Computers, mobile phones, and tablet devices have become a natural part of our daily lives. Currently there are over 5.3 billion internet users and 7.3 billion mobile phone users worldwide. Even though these numbers may seem shocking, they will only continue to rise throughout the following years. 

What if the Christian community could harness the power of these technologies?
Could we dramatically expedite the delivery of the good news of Jesus Christ to every person on the Earth?

Technology Driven

Missional Digerati is a Christian non-profit mobile and web application development team dedicated to leveraging technology for the purpose of delivering the Gospel to every nation.  At our core, we want to discover new ways to redeem technology for kingdom purposes. As a technology driven ministry we strive to discover new ways to use technology in fulfilling the Great Commission.  From website development to mobile app creation, we want to bootstrap your ministry's vision with the appropriate tools to fulfill it.

Mission Minded

Missional Digerati is dedicated to the work of our savior Jesus Christ.  We are a mission minded organization that is committed to the fulfillment of the Great Commission to the ends of the earth.  With over 41% of the world’s population having limited access to the Gospel, we must focus the majority of our efforts on these areas.  We look forward to the day when people from every tribe, every language, and every nation is standing before the throne of our savior Jesus Christ in worship and adoration. (Revelations 7 v 9-12)

Community Focused

Missional Digerati is a community focused ministry, looking at the needs of the missional community over the needs of an individual agency.  As an agency dedicated to the community, we release our code under an open source license to make it available to any mission agency.  Open source is a model that is dedicated to universal access and universal distribution of all tools we develop.  By adopting an open source nature,  Missional Digerati is able to build one code base to meet the needs of many agencies in the missional community.

Donor Supported

Missional Digerati is a donor supported ministry.  We depend on the generous monthly donations of friends, family and mission agencies to meet our financial needs.  We are so thankful for the dedication of these individuals who equip us to do the work that we do.  Since we are supported by donors, we are able to subsidize most of the cost for developing mobile and web applications.  Typically, our projects cost much less than the current market value for mobile/web development.  This allow ministries to receive much needed tools without a substantial financial burden.

To oversee the work of our ministry, and provide financial accountability, we have created an accountability board made up of several Godly people.  The Project Director meets with this board on a quarterly basis, and discusses current projects, our financial standing, and direction for the future of this ministry,  This board has been invaluable in the success of our ministry.

If you would like to hear more about our ministry, please send us a message on our “Contact Us” page.  If you would like to donate to the ongoing work of the ministry,  please visit our “Donate” page.