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At Missional Digerati, we are always looking for people who have a passion for technology and an overwhelming heart for the Gospel.  If you share these passions, we would love to partner with you.  

Our comprehensive Missional Digerati Volunteer Program includes training and guidance as well as varying levels of commitment, both in time and duration.  We welcome technical and non-technical volunteers as all are needed to redeem technology for the kingdom.

Missional Digerati Volunteer Program

Our volunteer program seeks to bless, equip, and empower volunteers to redeem technology for kingdom work.  As a volunteer with Missional Digerati you'll:

  • Be connected to our Program Manager who will provide training and help assess the best fit within the organization for your talents
  • Leverage an ongoing point of contact who will provide spiritual and emotional support, as well as help manage your changing workload and commitments
  • Work directly with functional department leaders depending on the project (engineering, marketing, product, etc.)
  • Have flexibility to commit to various amounts of time per week for varying durations of time
  • Be part of a passionate, mission-minded team committed to redeeming technology for kingdom work

What are the commitment levels?

We recognize 4 levels of commitment, though exact details can be discussed with your Program Manager.

Volunteer Commitment Levels
Commitment Levels Hours per Week Duration
Micro 4 6 Months
Flex-time 8 1 Year
Part-time 20 1 Year+
Full-time 40 No Set Duration

What kinds of projects might I do?

Missional Digerati requires the efforts of volunteers in multiple disciplines. Below are examples of work ongoing or "on-deck" that volunteers can own or contribute to:


  • Contribute to the open source project
  • Code for a live project
  • Optimize code base for completed projects requiring maintenance

Product Management

  • Meet with missions organizations to understand and scope their needs
  • Design and validate product specs
  • Partner with engineering team to execute per a project timeline


  • Expand the Missional Digerati brand, assisting with social media, online presence, and outreach
  • Distribute annual Missional Digerati newsletter and manage mailing lists


  • Optimize business operations ranging from finance, training, project intake, organizational tooling, and more
  • Execute human resources related initiatives like annual conferences and new team member onboarding
  • Host online or in-person events for team members and/or clients

How do I get started?

Please click the button below and fill out the provided Google form. A member of our team will get back to you soon.

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