The Well

Remote Learning technology

Technology Crafted Solutions

We build technology that advances the Kingdom.  This can manifest in many ways.  

For example, are you a church or missions organization that would benefit from…

  • A website that you can direct new believers to? 
  • An app for your congregation to stay connected and be reminded to pray? 
  • A way to get training to remote churches?
  • An API to access data provided by other organizations?

Check out our past projects below!  When you're ready, contact us to brainstorm how we can partner with you on a technology-based need.


Unreached of the Day Website

Website encouraging and aiding prayer for unreached people groups

Website with step-by-step journey encouraging understanding of with one's culture and how it intersects with Scripture

Digital World Atlas

Detailing the digital and spiritual landscape of each country in the world

Mobile Applications

Unreached of the Day App

Mobile application encouraging and aiding prayer for unreached people groups

Operation World App

Mobile application arming believers to pray for the "country of the day"

Other Technologies

The Well

Remote Learning technology


A chat based program that provides an easy way to find and share American Sign Language Bible passages


Carry WiFi and Bible resources in your pocket to the remote areas of the world

Joshua Project API

Access the Joshua Project's immense library of data using a wide array of programming languages; use the data to aid in your missions and prayer efforts