Digital World Atlas

Image from the Project: Digital World Atlas
Image from the Project: Digital World Atlas

Project Details

Digital World Atlas was developed to display important digital and spiritual information for each country in the world.  The site pulls in content from various data sources, and displays it nicely on a single country page.  This allows ministries to easily strategize on how they can engage the people using technology. 

    The information provided on these pages will continue to grow, because we decided to release the project as an open source project.  This would allow other developers an opportunity to contribute to this project.  If you are a developer, and want to get involved, please checkout our Contributing Documentation.

    Key Features

    Each country page displays information about:

    1. People Groups
    2. Religion
    3. Popuation
    4. Internet Usage
    5. Mobile and Broadband Subscriptions
    6. An Interactive Map


    Mobile Ministry Forum
    The Mobile Ministry Forum is a movement of mobile ministry to the ends of the earth. Join a network of missional innovators fostering a mobile ministry movement so that every unreached person will have a chance to encounter, experience and grow in Christ through their personal mobile device.
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    • Languages: html javascript php SASS
    • Libraries: Laravel Bootstrap