Image from the Project: @ASLBibleBot
Image from the Project: @ASLBibleBot
Image from the Project: @ASLBibleBot

Project Details

@ASLBibleBot is a chat based program that provides an easy way to find and share American Sign Language Bible passages within your favorite messaging apps. By simply mentioning the bot, you can search through the Scriptures and find the passage you would like to share. Once you select the passage, a link to the video for the passage is shared with your friends in the chat. You can find out more at the dedicated website at https://aslbiblebot.com. You can also check out the code in our Github repositories.

RETIRED: It breaks our heart to retire this project, but we have lost access to the ASLV Bible translation. Without access, this bot is unable to preform its core functionality.

Key Features


Missional Digerati

This is an internal project we developed to aid in our ministry efforts.