Image from the Project: LightStream
Image from the Project: LightStream
Image from the Project: LightStream

Project Details

Imagine if you could carry all your digital Bible resources in your backpack, and even distribute them hands free as you walk down the city streets.  The LightStream makes this possible!  The LightStream, built on the Raspberry Pi platform, is designed to hold and distribute your entire digital library from a box that fits in your hand.  To load your content, simply connect your computer to the device, and on your web browser navigate through the administration panel we created on the device.  Once you have uploaded your resources, plug in a solar charged battery, and toss it in your backpack.  

As you walk into town, the device will begin to distribute your content wirelessly.  It uses two technologies to distribute your content.  First, the LightStream broadcasts a free to join WiFi hotspot similar to your local coffee shop.  When an individual joins the WiFi hotspot,  they are presented with a page where they can peruse and download your digital resources.  Secondly,  it pushes a file via Bluetooth technology.  When a mobile device with Bluetooth turned on comes within range, it will ask the owner if they want to receive a free resource.  If they say yes, the resource will download automatically.

The LightStream is a portable way to distribute your content wireless in an offline environment.  To find out more, please visit Renew Outreach's website. 

Key Features

  • Extremely portable with dimensions of 4 inches long and 2 3/4 inches wide.
  • Distribute your content using a WiFi hotspot, Bluetooth push, or simply copying your content to multiple SD cards.
  • Manage your content through a secure web based administration panel.
  • 8 - 16 Gb of storage.


Renew Outreach

Renew Outreach develops audio, video, and solar technologies that help in delivering the Gospel to the remotest areas of the world.  They have been instrumental in developing a solar powered minature projector for presenting the Jesus Film in the hardest to reach areas.

  • Status:
  • Languages: CSS HTML Javascript PHP Bash
  • Libraries: JQuery Raspberry¬†Pi Smarty Linux