The Well

Image from the Project: The Well
Image from the Project: The Well

Project Details

The Well is a multimedia solution purposefully designed to cater for digital and structured learning in areas with limited or no access to internet.

Key Features

This project consist of multiple platforms that enable remote learning with limited or no internet access.  This includes:

  • A custom built Well device designed for harsh climates.
  • An Android mobile app that allows students to connect to the curriculum on the Well device.
  • A cloud based service for managing the Well device fleet and the material on each device.
  • A modified Learning Management System hosted on the Well device.


Relay Trust

The Relay Trust has a vision of reaching remote pastors, possessing no instruction or resources other than a Bible.

  • Status:
    Under Development
  • Languages: css html javascript php typescript Node.js
  • Libraries: ionic Moodle Express.js